Daft as a brush!

You may vaguely recall that I am the owner of a daft black cat who is obsessed with "helping" [call that hindering] me when I'm trying to brush the carpet and kitchen floor quickly before I head out to work in the morning https://gnatbottomedtowers.blogspot.com/2018/01/sweeping-changes.html.  Having taken a breather over the warmer months [he tends to head off out on secret cat related missions as soon as he's scarfed down his breakfast] he's back...only bigger and bolder.

A couple of days ago he had whirled himself into a spiral and was snoring his head off on our bed. Huzzah I thought...I shall be able to do the sweeping in peace. One brushstroke down and there's an almighty thud above me and then the sound of a rather stout carcase being propelled down the stairs. Ta-dah he's arrived to assist....since then he's upped the ante and now arrives at what he considers an appropriate time to commence the task. It doesn't matter that I might still be eating...he nags until I start.

Weekends he's declared are simply awful for there's no routine and he is suffering from FOMO [Fear Of Missing Out...yes it is genuinely a "thing" I understand]. On Sunday, being a soft hearted dame, I banged on the window and when he turned round at the far end of the garden I held up the dustpan and brush....no word of a lie he turned tail and flew across the garden and then flung himself through the catflap to ensure his attendance. Yesterday though I committed the ultimate sin though by getting the vacuum out....he'd been mithering at me for a couple of minutes and I felt so guilty that I went and got the sweeping things and brushed the floor specially so he didn't miss out on his daily treat....it makes you wonder which one is dafter really. Him or me!!!



  1. That's a great story and what a nice looking cat. I love the bit about you holding up the dustpan and brush! Interesting that you used the word "mithering" my mother was the only other person I ever heard use it. She was Wolverhampton born and raised. JanF

  2. Thank you. He's a gentle giant and we're blessed to have him except for the mice he catches!

  3. That has made me smile - I thought Stephen Squirrel was a bit batty, Humphrey takes the biscuit! xxx


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