Sunday, 26 April 2020

Cold black tea

I was interested to hear Jack Monroe's tip of adding black tea rather than red wine to her bolognaise to give it an extra kick, but without the alcohol and a mere fraction of the cost. This was a new one to me. In my time I've soaked dried fruit in it prior to making malt loaf and a few years ago I dyed the fabric for this bag to get the right shade I wanted.

If this article is anything to go by with all its suggestions I think I have been underusing the multipurpose and overlooked commodity of cold tea!

Please do let me know if you use it for anything else....I'd love to know if I'm missing a trick!!



  1. I love your crow bag, is there any more information about how you made it anywhere?

    1. Hello J. Thanks for your comment. I printed out a crow template or silhouette from Google images and then made a cardboard template from it. The crow is made of felt which I hand stitched onto the bag and then then just handstitched in the eye and border detail. I keep some of my divination cards in it. Arilx


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