Wednesday 4 September 2013


I often wonder about strange things  I observe yet to which I know not the answer. This is an example of just a few....

1. Why do I feel compelled to go to the nearest bakery and eat the biggest bun ir worse still piggy wig sweeties immediately after a dental appointment?

2.Why do school photographers always take shots of our little darlings the day before they have their hair cut?

3. Why is red cabbage called red when, to my eyes, it is unmistakably purple?

4.How do you propagate a seedless grape?

5.Why do certain dog owners go to the trouble of poop scooping after their canines and then sling the full bag away as rubbish so it won't break down?

6.What secret lies within the manufacture of a button that makes it relatively so exorbitantly expensive?

7.Why, on the odd occasion that I pop out quickly make up free and in my scruffiest clothes, do I run into the most elegant people that I know?

8.Why are cheese and onion crisps sometimes in green packets and sometimes in blue packets- I get a nasty shock when I find I've opened a packet of salt and vinegar as it would always be my last choice!

9.What happens to the middle bit of polos?

10.Why do very small people continuously ask "why" and then, when you give them what you believe to be a well considered answer, they simply ask "why" I shall answer that particular one with the stock response I used with my own son when utterly a letter with a very long tail!



  1. Hi Aril, here's some useless info - they don't cut the holes out of Polo Mints, they press them into shape using a pressure roughly equivalent to two elephants jumping on them. :)

  2. Fab thanks Nyk- I love learning the sort of info!


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