Sunday 8 September 2013

Gordon Bennett!

She's only bleedin' well gone and finished her rainbow knitten. Evidence below- it is not meant to be a thing of beauty but a rustic item for our domestic use only. All the wool has either come from the charity shop, freecycle, friends [this type of project can use up all those part balls people have left over] and from cheapie shops like Wilkos and Pound shops. It has been a good exercise for me- no rules other than each length has 42 stitches and it is all garter stitch. I have simply knitted scarves and changed colour whenever the fancy has taken me. I shall blanket stitch them together but not until I have finished my Morris mask.  Predictably Psychocat sat in the middle of it and then showed her low opinion of it by stomping off!

This is the second one I have done- the first one, again being sat upon by Psychocat in disgust, was for the small person. My friend has asked me to do an all blue one for her which should keep me out of mischief over the winter!


  1. Big fanfare WELL DONE on finishing your Rainbow blanket it looks beautiful.
    My Crotchet one is upstairs and needs stitching up to see if big enough.

  2. Thanks Welsh Poppy. I've loved doing it and despite what I said yesterday I have very naughtily started sewing it up already!


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