Thursday 26 September 2013

Today's small pleasure

As I've oft said I am delighted by the little details that make up our everyday lives- yes I love the highs and loathe the lows [yes and I know which one I learn from groan!] but I, for one, would be totally exhausted if it were like that all the time. I prefer things to be on an even keel thank ye.

Today I had the greatest pleasure watching a couple of these going about their business whilst I sat in the car eating my lunch unobserved.

They are of course nuthatches and I always experience a little frisson of excitement when I glimpse one because I rarely see them and they are such stunning little fellows. When food is scarce they venture into the garden and hang upside down on the feeder but for the first time today I was able to see why they've earned their name. Both birds were industriously tucking hazelnuts into the crevices in the bark of the oak tree, using it to hold them in place and then hammering at them madly with their beaks from every which way to break off pieces to eat. I could have watched them for hours if time had been on my side. Alas work beckoned but hopefully another time!



  1. I like nuthatches too. We once had one fly in our lounge through the patio doors. It knocked itself out on the window the opposite side of the room, and we had to revive it outside. Bless it lol.

    Pleased that you enjoyed your anniversary.

    Have a lovely weekend aril.


    1. Hope you have a lovely weekend too RW. I take it from your user name that you like wrens perhaps- another absolute little star in my book!


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