Wednesday 11 September 2013

Wordsworth The Alternative Version

Possibly not quite what you were expecting......

Why Dorothy Wordsworth is not as famous as her brother

" I wandered lonely as a...
They're in the top drawer, William
Under your socks -
I wandered lonely as a -
No not that drawer. The top one.
I wandered by myself-
Well wear the ones you can find.
No dear don't get overwrought my dear, I'm coming.

"I wandered lonely as a -
Lonely as a cloud when-
Soft boiled egg, yes my dear,
As usual, three minutes-
As a cloud which floats-
Look I said, I'll cook it,

Just hold on will you-
All right, I'm coming.

"One day I was out for a walk
When I saw this flock-
It can't be too hard, it had three minutes,
Well put some butter in it-
This host of golden daffodils
As I was out for a stroll one-
"Oh you fancy a stroll do you?
Yes all right, William, I'm coming
It's on the peg. Under your hat.
I'll bring my pad, shall I, in case
You want to jot something down?"

Lynn Peters


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