Sunday 20 July 2014

Fun Run Done!

Today my stout little hobbit legs have served me well and I have managed to slog for 5k without stopping and raised funds for a local children's hospice into the bargain. Mr GBT and the small person achieved the same except the latter was Speedy Gonzales and lapped us.

Throughout my "training" these past few weeks by our local river I have got up to all sorts of antics.....initially the naughty little imp on my shoulder had no problem in persuading me to go home early because I was bored then I tried music but got grumpy with that...eventually repeating the mantra "running is forward dancing" got me through. I've had the support of a running morris dancing chum and Mr GBT to trot along with sometimes- somehow being able to have a natter which distracts me makes it so much better. Am I in love with running....nope will I continue yes. My legs are stronger which in turn have helped my dancing, it's free [after the initial outlay for the shoes and the sports over the boulder shoulder holder] and will be good in the winter [the chances of me ever entering a gym are frankly nil] and it dissipates my anxiety which in turn helps keep the black dog in his kennel.

The greatest thing I will take away from today's experience is the bonhomie shared between all of us. There were whole families from grandparents down to squally bawlies in prams chugging along. Many of us were raising money for different charities and in remembrance of loved ones lost. The most moving part was the group of family and friends who ran wearing white angel wings with a picture of a prem baby called Max who died at 52 days. A little girl was running with them and on her back was a note that identified her as Grace, Max's three year old sister. Oh boy am I counting my blessings today!



  1. Congratulations on completing the 5K.

  2. Very well done to you honey. That's a great achievement. x

  3. You go girl! :) You really have my admiration, Aril. Well done x


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