Tuesday 22 July 2014

Lead Me Into Temptation!

Aha yes the Tintern surprise....having toddled around in the heat Mr GBT had nipped off to look at a waterwheel whilst I patiently waited having highbrow thoughts such as "where's my next icecream coming from?!" when he beckoned me over.

I anticipated 150 "fun facts about waterwheels" [snore] but what I got was this...

and this....

Absolutely not my cup of tea you understand which is why this has come home with me whoop, whoop and thrice times whoop!

To stem the flow of unbridled shopping I assuaged my guilt by buying dear chums a purple and silver pagan wall plaque [not my thing but very much them]. These are the friends with whom I celebrate the wheel of the year. It was rather jolly watching them open it last night and then A [he of the handmade pottery hare fame] immediately hang it up. They tell me they absolutely "love it"

For those who are interested this is the lady's website http://www.spiritofthegreenman.co.uk/
Since getting home I've found that it was from her that I bought a very unusual stag necklace that people often admire when I wear it. Small world.



  1. This is where my Unity plaque and BH's moon gazing hare plaque came from :)

  2. We must have similiar tastes K except I've only bought a few bits of jewellery from her before. I've bought plaques from Hedingham fair which might be by her though!

    1. My Unity plaque is the picture that I usually use at the end of my blog posts....don't know if I've got a photo of T's plaque.

  3. ARGHH! I'm supposed to be on a spending ban! I've seen three trillion things I want now. Hares. Must. Buy. Hares!!


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