Wednesday 16 July 2014

An Ulterior Motive

This was why I wanted to go to St Fagan's!

A little white washed church called St Telio's. Named after a 6th century Welsh saint who became the bishop of Llandaf Cathedral and was rumoured to have planted trees in Brittany making him the patron saint of apples. Originally the church stood by the river Llwchwi but had ceased to be a place of worship by 1973. It looks fairly unremarkable from the outside but it was hiding a secret. Once the decision was taken to move it to the museum amazing 500 year old wall paintings hidden beneath the layers of limewash were discovered. In total there were 15 to 20 metres and these have been restored along with a facsimile of what the church may have looked like in 1520. At the time the population was Roman Catholic and largely illiterate so the artwork was used to convey the biblical stories to them. Eventually with the rise of the Reformation this approach fell out of favour as it was seen to be profligate. This was the place that was recently used in the BBC TV series "The Tudor Monastery Farm". Hope you enjoy this little taster.


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