Tuesday 10 February 2015

Well well well.

This rather lovely little surprise was given to me by my parents last week.

They are published by a company called Wooden Books and are made from completely recycled materials. I already have the Hedgerow Cookery title by them and I find, that although not in depth, they make a good introduction to several subjects. The other ones available are here http://woodenbooks.com/browse/index.php

Having read it I checked the list of sacred springs and wells given at the back and almost fell off my perch when I found one mentioned just up the road from here. Well you know where we're going with this don't you....another mini wandering beckoned.

This is St Mary's holy well in Dunsfold. Not very prepossessing granted but the waters drawn from it are still used for the baptisms in the church just up the hill. The sacred waters were believed to cure eye diseases. It is interesting to note that the church itself is built on an artificial mound and I counted at least two yew trees in the churchyard. Taking into account the presence of the spring as well this screams pre Christian site to me!

More tomorrow.


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