St Nicolas Part One.

St Nicolas is situated in old Shoreham and is a church that has seen some history in its time. It's a local church and struggles with the upkeep costs [£110 to maintain a day] so it has a careworn appearance but it is a little gem.

Dedicated to the Bishop of Myra or known more commonly to us as St Nicolas, he is the patron saint of seafarers and one of the figures behind our Father Christmas. Built as a late Saxon church some remnants of that first period remain but architecturally it screams Norman at you with later additions.

How about this for a cracking Norman door. I am programmed to look for a porch so managed to completely miss it the first time round!

I've never seen a zigzag window before.

A couple of the gravestones that caught my eye. I thought the juxtaposition between the heavily ornate one and the very plain one made an interesting contrast.

More tomorrow- don't want you all to suffer photo overload!



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