Sunday 15 February 2015

Eclectic Collection.

Or in layman terms random odds and sods......

Firstly last month I blogged about National Pie Day. This is the Fidget Pie Mr GBT made and mighty fine it was too might I add!

In a bid to make better use of the slow cooker I tried out a recipe for chocolate orange fudge. Have to say it worked a treat and required minimal effort [always a plus in my book]. Not exactly the same texture as the fudge cooked in the conventional way but close enough for my liking. Original link with the recipe here

The decluttering is continuing and I have actually been pretty restrained and bought very little. Sorting through stuff does also turn up bits I'd forgotten about. I made these felt beads yonks ago and stitched the glass ones on to embellish them. I thought vaguely of making a necklace but didn't get any further with them. Looking at them again I finally sussed it. One brooch with the clip stolen from another one I never wear.

Yesterday with it being Valentines I remembered the bookmark for a simple card I had. I just drew round my biscuit cutter, punched some holes in and then threaded through various oddments of wool I was left with after I finished the rainbow blanket. As ever everything I make is a bit Janet and John but I'm here flying the flag for the crafting challenged!

Over and out!

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