Wednesday 25 February 2015

Getting It Down To A Fine Art.

These past couple of years I have been driving rather than walking to work and as a result, I have been listening to more up to date music on my local radio station. I'm not by any means bang up to date but I do at least recognise some of the tracks the small person plays on Spotify. Remembering who they're by is an art form I have yet to master!

Over the past few weeks I've been hearing this. Now I know it was last summer but this is very recent for me trapped in a folk wilderness as I have been these past few years. I am perfectly capable of yawling along from start to finish but now I have looked up the lyrics on youtube I find that they bear little or no resemblance to what I have been singing. I am curious to know now what gobbledygook is spewing forth from my cakehole!

Ghost-Ella Henderson

Then there was this last week. Even though I am an old fossil I am aware that this is an elderly track and yes it's Take That. I like some of the stuff they've done since they reformed as adult performers but not the stuff from their boyband days. Thus upon this being played and bear in mind that I was actually driving at the time, I was most startled to find that apparently at certain points you clap your hands above your head and not only that, but I also, unbeknown to my conscious self,am fully aware of this and was quite ready to do so. Eeek! I must have absorbed this particular gem via osmosis. Thankfully I realised in the nick of time before my hands left the steering wheel.

Take That- Never Forget

However, this fellow is much better at all this car singing and dancing business. Here he is doin' his thang to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off. Enjoy!


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