Wednesday 15 April 2015

Care to Share a Bowl of Gypsy's Onions With Me?

I stole out before the local schools finished so none of the small person's cronies would catch sight of his Muvva furtively foraging in the beds of wild garlic next to the river near to where we live.

Huzzah the first rich pickings safely harvested and brought back to GBT.

I am aware that you can do many clever things with Ramsons. How about this for starters? Personally I've tasted it in homemade [not by me] pesto and used it as an additional flavouring in nettle soup.

This year though I decided to go wild and just make wild garlic soup. I simply chopped up an onion and a potato and fried in butter for ten minutes and then added a pint of vegetable stock. Once the potato was tender I then added in the chopped up garlic leaves for five minutes or so. I added masses or so I thought but be warned...they wilt away like spinach. Blitzed and then seasoned it was absolutely delicious. Next on the list time permitting and all that jazz is a nettle picking session!



  1. I love this stuff and saw that some was growing on the verges around here when Lou and I came back from Dartmoor on Tuesday evening. I got all excited. Here's a lovely recipe that I posted backalong. Enjoy xxx


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