Signing the Way

As a self confessed sticky beak with a reputation to maintain old signs fascinate me both for the information they contain and the glimpse they give me back into yesteryear. On Saturday we travelled over to Alton to catch up with my bridesmaid chum and after lunch a quick stroll was in order. I snapped these as we were out and about.

A good old fashioned copper plate script. Makes the sign very attractive and rather quaint.

Only a fiver....sounds like a bargain to me! Wonder what the going rate is if you get caught? Anything up to £500 smackers good old Google informs me!

Recycling at its sign need...nope just paint over the defunct letters. Indeed the whole sign is now out of's the Watercress line these days.



  1. I have very fond memories of Alton - I used to go on silent retreats to the Abbey, from college in Winchester. I have friend who used to live & work in Alresford too. A lovely part of the world.

  2. I went to college in Winchester too- this friend was my room mate!


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