Tuesday 14 April 2015

Cuckoo Fair

Why 14th April is the traditional date for the annual Heffle Cuckoo Fair. Set up by the Bishop of Chichester in 1371 it was started to herald the beginning of Spring. Still held on or around this date in Heathfield as Heffle is now called tradition has it that if Dame Heffle was in a good mood she would attend the fair and release the first cuckoo from her basket or apron. However, she was a lady of an uncertain temperament so nothing was guaranteed! Nowadays it more likely to be a pigeon that's set free. N'er mind be sure to turn the coins in your pocket when you hear the first cuckoo call otherwise you'll be poor all year! Don't say I didn't warn you......


Photo is the lovely Cuckoo flower which is currently adorning our hedgerows round this way.

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