Friday 24 April 2015

Difference and Change.

I read an article earlier this week, which made reference to the artist Andy Goldsworthy's view that if you want to see differences you should travel, but if you want to see change you should stay in the same place. It made a good point I thought and seemed appropriate with seeing our little apple tree, which we planted last November, come into bloom this week. I've never had a fruit tree before so, for me, this is one of those thrilling moments that make up the patchwork of my everyday life. Others might be fatigued by the familiar but not me because if you really look even the most mundane is always in flux.


And now



  1. Exciting developments! Look forward to seeing the fruit.

  2. So do I Eileen but I don't think we're supposed to pick them in the first year...mind you when they become windfalls then I'll have them!


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