The Company Of Shadows.

This is the new dance that Mythago have been learning for the last few months. We already have a fairly extensive repertoire so it has been really exciting to have been in at the beginning of something new. Set to the tune Orinoco composed by Georgia Nettleton, it is a very measured dance for us...steady and silent. We are renowned for our mad dancing and shouting. Stepped to a slow drum beat it still takes my breath has a spine tingling feel to it. It had its first dance out at the Weald and Downland museum on Easter Monday [I watched as I'd only decided at the last minute that I was going] Mr GBT kindly took the shots. The masks and cowls are designed specially for it and add to the spooky feel. I think danced on a gloomy day or even at night time will only serve to increase its atmosphere.



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