Monday 20 April 2015


In the words of Private Frazer "We're all doomed" but turning to Lance Corporal Jones "Don't Panic" for we're not talking any end of the world scenarios here [leave that for the more pessimisstic souls place for gloom on this blog!] instead I am talking about this.....the doom painting in St Thomas's Salisbury.

Finished in 1475 it was in thanksgiving for the safe return of a pilgrim. They were a common feature of the time but it was whitewashed over to hide it and protect it from Henry VIII's vandals who destroyed everything of a "papist" nature. It was rediscovered in 1814 and then fully restored in 1953. The message is clear on the Day of Judgement anyone irrespective of rank can go to Hell. I have to say the Bishop looks quite cheery at the prospect! Look for the faces on the devil's knees.....I love the Medieval mind and how they portrayed the religious messages through art.


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