Friday 22 May 2015

A Simple Rustic Supper.

High time for a recipe methinks. This easy peasy one graced our supper table last night. I live with two committed carnivores and whilst a meat eater myself, I more often than not happily tuck into meat free meals. I get verbal reminders if there are too many veggie meals on the trot but this one disappeared at the speed of light!

Potato, Leek and Rosemary Pizza

 Thin pizza base or pitta breads [I know you can make your own but I am a lazy mare with a life is too short attitude to such things as making my own dough I'm afraid!]
12oz small red skinned potatoes [or a tin of basics cooked potatoes sliced in our case to save time]
1 leek thinly sliced
1 tbsp fresh rosemary leaves
2 garlic cloves crushed
150g mozarella sliced
either handful of strong grated cheddar or non veggie 3oz pancetta cubes

Preheat oven 210C. Grease a baking tray. Halve potatoes lengthwise and cut into thin slices. Cook in boiling water for 5 mins, add leek and cook for 2 mins. [if you're using precooked pots put raw leek onto pizza and bake for an extra 5 mins at 190C to stop burning]. Drain and spread over pizza. Top with garlic, mozarella, rosemary and cheddar [or pancetta if using] . Bake 15 mins.


P.S Mr GBT kindly cooked on this occasion.


  1. Delicious! I think pizza creations are going to be my new go to food. I learned a really easy recipe for a no yeast piza crust, and yes, I know it has to be made, but I always have flour, oil, baking powder, salt, and water on hand, so can create any time. Pita bread though makes a wonderful pizza crust.

  2. Thanks for your comment Sam- hope you enjoy it if you try it!


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