Sunday 31 May 2015

Proud Muvva Moment.

Yesterday the small person was 17.  It was a low key affair with him training all day for his new job he starts soon and not much in the way of gifts as we had replaced his bike after his other one was stolen earlier in the year. We did take him out for a meal in the evening [this being GBT we had cashed in our Tesco vouchers for restaurant ones!] and I'd made him a cake. Today we are having a clan gathering with my parents for a meal because the bottom line is that in our world birthdays are all about familial bonds and celebrating such occasions together whenever possible.

Nothing of particular note in the above paragraph. When we got home last night he told us that he had just registered as an organ donor and as a blood donor [he had wanted to do the latter last year but had been too young]. His first appointment is in August. Excuse the Mother's Pride but those decisions he's taken as an independent young man are admirable in my eyes. As a family we all carry cards and I know my Mum will be chuffed to read this news. As for me...I haven't donated for years [largely due to a severe reaction last time after difficulties at earlier sessions] but if he can do it I think his Muvva can pull her finger out, put the reasons aside and get her ample rump into gear once again. After all we're talking saving lives here aren't we....I have rung the NHS today and reactivated my archived record. 17th August here we come!!

More info here for anyone who's interested



  1. It's moments like this that make us proud isn't it.
    PS: Your rump ain't that ample!!!!! x

  2. Thanks LG. Just a nice comfy sized rump!


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