Monday 11 May 2015

Just My Cup of Tea.

Long before I became a mad Morris dancing bird I spent many years being a wanabe mad Morris dancing bird but family commitments came first when my son was younger so I spent my time as a Morris stalker instead...there's a reason why my teen loathes it [apart from it being hopelessly embarrassing and uncool]. I've had this mug at least ten years and it's my absolute favourite. It made me feel part of the scene in the smallest of ways until I could realise the dream....this weekend I've spent another whole day dancing and performed the two newest ones I've learnt without a mistake. Despite now being a fully fledged bell jangling, stick waving dame this mug is never far from my side filled with tea.

And here are the ten things you allegedly need to know about Morris Dancers!

1.They dislike the phrase "Quaint English Custom".
2.Their capacity to take ridicule is vast but not unlimited.
3.They carry very big sticks!!!
4.They "black up" just so that people can ask stupid questions.
5.They can determine the location of any real ale pub for miles around without the aid of a map.
6.They are always happy to dance at any church fete so long as the vicar disapproves.
7.They will dance outdoors in any weather so long as there's beer in it for them.
8.After their first dance out each new member of a side is entitled to carry the one truly essential piece of a Morris dancer's kit: a pewter ale tankard.
9.They get up especially early to annoy Druids an Pagans on May Day morning [except that I'm a Morris dancing Druid!]
10.They are able to strike fear into the hearts of spectators with the traditional cry "for the next dance we need some audience participation"



  1. Quite a few years ago now I wanted to do a series of photos of one of the local morris teams. The trouble was that every time they saw the camera they rushed over to pose in front of me - this was in the middle of the dance - so I ended up with a series of group shots of a lot of men pulling funny faces! Maybe I should try again one day.

  2. You made me smile with that comment Eileen!


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