Tuesday 5 May 2015

Round Rochester

This year's Sweeps Festival has given me the most marvellous excuse to return to this centre of slightly off kilter eccentricity and loveliness. Being there in my bell jangling guise gave me little time to look as closely as I would have liked but these few shots give a cross section of some of the things we spotted. The High Street has many unusual independent shops [I suspect the chain stores are hidden away elsewhere] and I did note that there was a Huguenot museum which I didn't have time to visit this time but a return visit is on the cards in the not too distant future I think!

How wonky is that shop...promise I haven't been digitally buggering around with it! Dickens has strong associations with Rochester [there is a self guided Dickens walk] and I can imagine that this sort of place might have inspired him.

These ladies were blowing bubbles and trying to entice us to visit their fairy fest. Sadly time once again was against us.

Some of the quirkier items offered for sale...hell it's more thrilling than a box of nails but possibly not so useful!

The detail on this beautiful weather vane didn't show up when I saw it...it was a real treat to see the flag when we viewed the photo.

Finally, there had to be a few Morris related photos didn't there. Have been good though and just limited them to a small handful. I was fascinated by the chap's marvellous red Mohican...how long must it take him to make it look like that I wondered.


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