Thursday 7 May 2015

Venerable Trees

It's funny how things turn out sometimes...bit like I had no specific plans to hunt down coloured greenmen nor was I planning to seek out some amazing ancient trees. It was just the way it was.

This is the oldest American Bean Tree in this country. Situated just outside Rochester Cathedral it was planted 150 years ago. Realising that it won't last for ever seeds have been harvested from it in the hope that one day it will be possible to raise saplings from it.

On Sunday I came across this yew in the churchyard at Wilmington. Rumoured to be 1600 years old [so growing when the Doomsday book was written no less] it now needs multiple supports including a chain to keep it standing.

Finally this elderly Judas Tree is to be found in the garden of the National Trust's Clergy House in Alfriston. For me the energy emanating from the tree felt very female so I shall refer to her in the feminine form. Bless her she has her own little notice to deter people from clambering all over her these days.

All made very impressive sights in their own way.


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