Saturday 23 May 2015

Nul Points

Perhaps I should be a tad embarrassed at even admitting this but I am brass necked and don't give a monkeys for tonight I am going to party with chums and watch the Eurovision Song Contest. Naturally I take it all very seriously and take great umbrage at every sarcastic utterance that issues forth from the lips of Mr Norton [not]. Removing my tongue firmly from the side of my cheek I love the naffness of the whole event. We will be ready scorecards in one hand drinkies in the other...maybe even a quick game of Bingo might be on the cards. More ideas to lead you astray here

As for me personal choice for best track ever [none of that schmaltzy puppy love type dross] nope good old Finland's Lordi [to my mind they look remarkably similar to some of the cast members of Lord of the Rings]. I applaud Finland for breaking the mould once again with this year's entry even though they didn't qualify.

Good luck [I'd wish you the luck of the Irish but sadly they didn't get through this year either] to Electric Velvet.


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