Tuesday 26 May 2015

Upon Feeling A Little Fragile......

I warned Percy about quaffing too much of the lethal Hobbity Booze's bottle of Goblin Pee at one sitting. "Moderation dear boy is the key" I sagely advised him.

Sadly it would appear it all fell upon deaf ears.

He was looking a little worse for wear and feeling just a tad sorry for himself when I left for work this morning. Serves him right!

Yes get the flags out Aril has completed another project. I am very much a novice knitter and this was the first time I've ever followed a knitting pattern on my own without help. Not helped by the fact that it was aimed at intermediate knitters it did pose quite a challenge for me but  I was determined to finish it despite the colourful cussing along the way. I will not be making another one though.



  1. Best not make another; if it turns out to be female, they'll breed!

  2. I agree...the prospect is terrifying!! Don't think the others who live here with me at GBT could stand me effing and blinding again either!!


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