Monday 18 May 2015

Plans are just that and can always changed.

It was with shock and a great deal of sadness that we learnt that a young person at my son's college took their life last week. That person was 17 and had their whole life ahead of them. Much loved by her family, they had no inkling that the young person was suffering from mental health issues. I cannot even begin to imagine the utter devastation the many people who loved her must feel as they are left reeling from the shock.  Such tragedies make me take a step back and take stock.

My son is doing exams at the moment and is, rarely for him, showing the pressure. I am driving home the message that despite one having not gone well no result is that important in the grand scheme of is a mistake and mistakes can be rectified, plans can be changed...academic success does not make the person whole. We have talked it through and if [and it's only an if] things have gone belly up I have assured him we can sort things out. People have different gifts, strengths and abilities in a myriad of fields and I love people for who they are not by just what they have "achieved" in life which can be measured in £ signs or bits of paper. A dear chum W showed me this talk on youtube. Sir Ken Robinson makes some very salient points delivered in a light hearted way.


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