Wednesday, 22 July 2020


Randomly the other night Mr GBT asked me if we had any peppercorns and vinegar. Then he wanted to know about mustard and coriander seeds. I wasn't sure, but a good old rummage at the back of the cupboard produced all the requested items. I wondered why.....

Here's the man with a plan....busy peeling all the teeny onions from our recent harvest.

Waste not, want not and all that....we now have a jar of pickled onions in the larder.

Something to accompany our next Ploughman's!



  1. They look wonderful, I love a pickled onion!

  2. I've not pickled anything for years! used to pickle field mushrooms whenever there was a glut, then use them (rinsed) in stews, soups and pasta sauces.

  3. Nothing like home-made pickled onions! Yum!

  4. And no tears...I'm dreadful doing onions! x

  5. They look wonderful

    Julie xxxxxxx


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