Friday 6 September 2013

My Little World

I am a perfectionist- I mistakenly thought up until recently that it was a good trait to have because it meant I drove myself hard and tried to be the best I could be at everything I tried. I now understand that it's a classic characteristic of people, like me, who have had very low self esteem and in reality this meant that I never thought anything I did was good enough. I will always have a tendency towards it but it is a bad habit I am trying to leave behind as I start to cut myself a little slack. However, I do still need an outlet for my perfectionism and for me personally that is my dollshouse- ridiculous though it may seem to some it is my little kingdom over which I have total control. Only I decide what goes in there and where it is put and when very anxious I can tinker about in there to my heart's content. Mr GBT built it for me from scratch in 1994 and it is still very much a work in progress although not so much progress these days as working, having a family etc have rudely got in the way!! Anyway a few shots of Holten House.

The kitchen

The unfinished parlour
The study
The hall
And finally the dining room

Mr GBT makes the furniture as well. How lucky am I!!



  1. Oh my word how talented is he?! Your dolls' house is wonderful - teeny tiny things fascinate me! I've spent ages looking at all the stuff in your pics!

  2. Thanks Kim- I know I am a very lucky lady. I will try to do another post about some of the contents in the future!



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