Sunday 3 November 2013

A Family Perambulation.

I come from a family who enjoy walking. There are the keen hikers like my Dad and the small person who think of 10 miles as a stroll [they did a 27 miler last year] so we let them off on a separate day to do the longer distances they enjoy. Then there's me who prefers to walk rather than drive and enjoys all the little discoveries to be had along the way- I am happy around the 5 to 8 mile length if the truth be told but was pleased to find I'd managed to get into double figures this particular day.

We were lucky that where we were staying is right next to a canal so we were able just to walk out of our front door to this

The bridge in the background is a Turnover one which is where the horse could move from one side of the tow path to the other.

Curious sign- and there was I thinking that all children were free range. Obviously things have moved on in the Nursery World in ways of which I know not!!

I don't think I've ever seen a herd of goats before- we only have sheep, pigs and cows in these 'ere parts and just the one or two goats at any time.


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