Saturday 30 November 2013


...the GBT purse is tight and not in the gnat bottomed sense either today. I have got home to find she's been at my new bottle of ginger wine. The old toper!

Good news for me though as I have been able to sneak out to the charity shops and top up my treasure trove without the usual accompanying Spanish Inquisition.

Now in my sweaty little mitts I have this rather lovely wooden box which was a cutlery canteen in a former life. I plan to re purpose it as a small shelf unit where I can display a select number of items of my choosing to represent the season or a special event. It's something I've wanted to do for ages and an important part of my Druidic path. I'm never organised nor do we have space to set up an altar for me and this allows me far more fluidity- it definitely won't be just pagan objects but whatever catches my eye. Stonking value at 200 pennies I feel.

And a steal at 100 pennies a small woven hanging- I adore the colour combination.

I have decluttered a fondue set and a big bit of fabric via freecycle this week to make sure that I have the room as I am not a hoarder by nature.



  1. Hi Aril, sorry I don't get to comment very often, post are often read very hurriedly.
    I love the cutlery box and the use you have planned for it, and the woven hanging looks delightful!
    Have a great week.
    Rose H

  2. Lovely to see you Rose- it's a busy time for you I'm sure. I shall pop by again soon!


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