Wednesday 13 November 2013

Welcome to the GBT Curry House

I love nothing better than spending an evening with close chums or Mr GBT making "stuff". Frugal fun at its best- tea, cake and you get something at the end of it. My friends say they never know what I'm going to do next- I only wish I did. I like doing things on a whim [with a couple of days notice so that I've got time to make sure I am prepared]. The trouble with being a curious soul is that lots of things catch my eye and there aren't enough hours in the day to do them all but I give it a good go! I've done all sorts over the years- jewellery, turkish delight, candles, paper, decorations, St Brigid crosses- some have worked out well.....some just well......parsnip fudge eww and supposedly ink made from flowers which was invisible. This doesn't put me off though- it's a great way to learn new skills.

A few weeks ago I happened across this recipe for a curry paste from Mortgage Free in Three's blog

Dear chum J and I stood and wept as we peeled a kilo of onions [I used the machine to blitz them] and one day perhaps I might learn not to poke myself in the eye having just cut up the chillis! However, it smelt lush.last night....perhaps not so keen on the pungent smell first thing this morning though! I've frozen my portion for now but look forward to trying it out in one of our favourite curries in due course. I think this might be a keeper for when I fancy a takeaway but the GBT purse folds her arms across her ample chest and sticks her chin out repeating "shan't" when I request the release of funds for such a purpose!


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