Friday 1 November 2013

Friday funding fun

Hello dear chums! Not quite back at Gnat Bottomed Towers yet but thought I would get going with a little weekly regular by way of a frugal tiplet.  Feel free to use or ignore as suits- the exercise, if nothing else, acts as a record of what I do on a personal level as I’ve found that I no longer really notice these days otherwise!

These little suggestions won't save you wads of cash but hopefully it might enable you to stretch your pennies and give you the chance to use the saved wonga for the little treats that make the difference between a hair shirted or silk shirted existence! I am fortunate I know that I am not on the breadline- Through many years of careful living our home is paid for, we have built up a decent level of savings and we have no debts. However, following two redundancies we now earn relatively little and so I am well practised at spending modestly. All subsequent posts in this series will just be short and sweet with an idea or two.

So let’s get save on parking fees when visiting  somewhere it often works out cheaper to use the park and ride. If you fancy a cuppa once you're there I often find that if there's a church cafe around the prices can be very reasonable.


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