Tuesday 26 November 2013

Jumping Spiders

I know that many people are terrified of arachnids- they don't hold any fear for me but show me a crane fly and I become gibbering wreck so you have my sympathies. Please look no further if you are in the non spider camp.

I have fallen in love with the jumping spider- there are 500 species and they make up 13% of the world's spider population. They come in the most delicious range of hues.

See what I mean!



  1. Used to be in the run away screaming camp here, lol, but I'm getting much better and can now even remove smaller ones outside all by myself! *proud* Have to say that for some reason, I don't find any nearly as frightening from the front view . . . top view (or distant view) where you can see all the legs does me in :(

  2. I just thought these were so very cute! Thanks for your comment K.


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