Sunday 24 November 2013

How much?!!!!!

We are contributing towards an Xbox for the small person this year for Christmas- we could buy it for him outright but we simply don't go overboard on presents in our family as it isn't the focus of the day. The other monies needed to make up the cost will come from my parents and his savings. He has done his research and announced that he would like the XBox 360 as it comes with a game that he's after. His face was a study when I told him that the new XBox One that was launched this month can be had for a mere snip at £422.99 at HMV [I do so love the way they say only £422.99]. The term daylight robbery springs to my mind.....

Daylight robbery is a phrase familiar to many of us. If a person was robbed of a considerable sum in the daytime and on the high road and if he then declared the theft to the county sheriff before the sun set the county were obliged to reimburse him of the amount if he was able to prove how much had been stolen and where the crime had occurred.


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