Friday 8 November 2013

Friday Funding Fun

Recycling of things for craft projects that would normally be thrown away. Look at decorated paper bags, free book marks from bookshops and libraries, the patterned paper inside envelopes, the empty packaging from perfumes, hand creams, wool scraps, sweetie papers [the paper from a Galaxy bar is one that comes to mind] for adding to your craft supplies for small projects or card making. If you want to build up a supply of pretty papers Poundland do packs that are excellent value.

I am artistically challenged- I find google images with whatever shape you're after with the magic word template after it is an absolute marvel!

Forgive my homespun efforts- this one was a birthday card made from left over wool ends- I used a biscuit cutter for my template and left over wool ends from a knitting project

And I made these for my bedroom door using those paint colour charts we all pick up when decorating


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