Sunday 20 March 2016

Alban Eilir

Bright blessings to all who celebrate the old ways this Spring Equinox.

I have photos to sort and adventures to tell, but having had a stonkingly marvellous time with Lovely Grey [and yes she is both lovely and grey!] in the Big Smoke yesterday and then a trip over to do the final clean on my Father in law's flat [4 hour round trip] before we put it on the market I am, as you might imagine, a bit of a weary old bird now so please bear with me until normal service can be resumed.



  1. oh how wonderful to hang in person with two special ladies. Happy spring!

  2. A great day out thank you! I think I've done a spoiler on my blog when I said you'd write about the Horniman. You'd better give our readers some facts and profundity. My post was a bit light on those! xx


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