Ravings About Shavings

This is the card the teenogre bought me this year. I was tickled pink by the clever use of pencil shavings for the skirts.....something so simple and Bob's Your Uncle I am thrilled.

Imagine my overexcitement a few days later then when it came to my attention that there is a whole website devoted to just this type of small scale recycling. Generously I have decided to share my discovery [as obviously Facebook played no part in this...wanders off whistling tunelessly!] http://www.creativespotting.com/2014/02/creative-pencil-shaving-art/

Oh yes and dotting about randomly as usual the phrase "bob's your uncle" apparently refers back to when PM Robert Gascoyne-Cecil appointed his nephew Arthur James Balfour as Minister for Ireland in 1887. When referring to the PM he naturally called him Uncle Bob...or so the story goes. Nobody is really sure of the true origins.



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