Wednesday 2 March 2016

From The Goose Who Laid The Golden Egg To.....

The hen who laid the chocolate bars......yes really.  This is Harriet getting clucky.....

And here it comes.....

She was built by the Horsham museum volunteers and is there to promote Horsham Chocolate. I happened across her when I popped in earlier yesterday when I was on my day off. Here she is in action

I love a good bit of automata. It's reminded me of this rather curious little book I picked up at the local hospital book sale a couple of years ago. I wasn't sure what to expect but it proved to be a cracking good read. It's the true story of the 18th century chess playing automaton and how it beat all its human opponents.

Well worth a second look should you happen to come across a copy.



  1. I know a certain small boy who would love that chicken.x

  2. A Horsham tale. An old friend of mine's father was the parish priest in Horsham, and his son (my friend) was a senior Boy Scout. His name was Rupert Prince, and in his scouting circle his name was always written 'PRINCE Rupert'. You can imagine the fun he had when attending international jamborees, etc. He was treated like royalty.


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