Tuesday, 8 March 2016

International Women's Day

Today it is International Women's Day and through my green group, I'm attending an event to mark it. Never having been to anything of this ilk before I'm really excited about the whole affair.

I'm off down to Brighton to hear a series of talks including one by the founder of this company http://rubymoon.org.uk/about-3/ followed by a three course zero waste veggie meal.

I shall report back.....as ever the only connection between this and the image I've chosen is that I saw this camper van parked in Brighton last time I went down a few weeks ago. The finish is not to my taste but I was equally fascinated by it. Having consulted those in the know, I now find this is called faux-tina i.e. false patina. And there was me thinking initially it was rust...it looks like my potential career as the next presenter on Top Gear has fallen by the wayside before it's even started.



  1. Hope you had a great day. You'd be much better on Top Gear than Jeremy Clarkson. xx

  2. Faux rust is usually unnecessary with old VW Campers. I do like the big headlight on top. Looks like Kensington Place.


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