Monday 18 May 2020

Getting cross.

Although technically travel restrictions have eased greatly, I am not keen to be anywhere that is busy or that I am unable to socially distance from people I encounter. At work I am being as careful as I can too. However, on Sunday we did feel it was safe to pop across to a fairly isolated churchyard in one of the small villages just outside the town. Thankfully it wouldn't occur to many to seek out this sort of place for peace and quiet. For me it was perfect...just one couple tending a grave. I am a lover of the Celtic crosses in all their variations and Lower Beeding has a fabulous array of them. They are most likely to be Victorian, but the fact that there's no great age to them didn't detract from my enjoyment in any way.

This one was my absolute favourite...I have never seen one with Celtic style animals on it before. Look at those cats😺

All credit must go to my friend E who discovered these very early on a dog walk during the first week of Lockdown. She excitedly shared them with me and I promised myself that this would be the first place I would go when I was permitted to do so. I kept my word. It was a complete joy to see something completely new and as you know it takes very little to make me happy. It feels like the first very tiny and tentative step back onto the adventuring path. Unless I can find other places that I feel are safe enough I shan't be doing much of this sort of thing until we are much further along with the easing of measures, but you'll be the first to hear if I do!



  1. I find graveyards the most interesting place. I think they would be the safest place to go right now.....

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. I was thinking those ornamental knots resembled balls of twine -- and then you revealed the cats! A small joy, indeed.

  3. Being such a new country, and a state about 150 years old, we don't have really old cemetery, but I do find some of the markers interesting. I'll no doubt stop by my parents, and sisters grave with flowers by weekend, and usually think about things in the calm a bit.



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