Wednesday 27 May 2020

Green spending.

Yes literally leftover Christmas money from my lovely clients spent on this rather splendid collection of green things...the little green things came free with my order. More fabulous greenmen to adorn the walls of GBT and yet another chance to support a local Sussex company.

Now I might have had a major splurge [I went a massive 75 pennies over on the amount I'd been given😈], but I'm not going to pay £15 post and packaging if they trade within a short journey of my home and offer the opportunity to go and pick your items up by prearranged appointment. It was in a lovely setting and with their permission I was allowed to take these photos.

The company were very efficient and their prices were very competitive. For anyone interested in what else they make their details are here

Both TYM and Mr GBT are delighted to be welcoming a new crop of oddities to GBT!!



  1. I love your treats especially that beautiful lady.
    What a fab place to collect from! x

    1. It looked like a set from Country Living! Arilx


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