Friday 15 May 2020

Taking my foot off the pedal.

So now my Dad's birthday has been and gone I can show you the rather groovy card I made him. No idea why, but this is what popped into my head. I have a funny feeling my parents may have given me a present wrapped in that backing paper originally....this is all from saved envelopes and some crafting paper kits I bought years ago. I'm finding my mindful hoarding [ie selective keeping of things and storing them properly] has been a complete boon during this time. Gift wise I went for a delivery of 4 pints of locally brewed beer...we are lucky to have several microbreweries who need us to support them in these difficult trading times. As have a lot of our independent businesses, they realised early on that taking the product out to the customer was a way of keeping themselves afloat....the feedback has been that they've been far busier than they ever anticipated, so I think that they have not just scraped through, but are doing well. Our funds may be limited, but when I do spend I want it to go towards supporting the local economy as much as possible.

As my time at home now is going to decrease once again I shall return to weekday blogging. A friend sent me this poem....I'm not starry eyed about all the evangelical clapping, but love the words and sentiment which are further down in the link. Adam Roa's "What if you are who you've been looking for?"



  1. The small and local businesses have been amazing during this time. Our local hardware store (who have the grumpiest staff whenever I've been there) have been just brilliant. I haven't needed anything from them myself, but in addition to selling their own products have offered to deliver food to those in need. Wonderful stuff.

  2. Flamboyant...the card is flamboyant...and definitely loves itself! x

  3. A fortunate man, your father! Nothing I'd like better for my birthday than a bit of paper art worth framing -- and 4 pints of locally brewed beer! Pretty and practical!

  4. Love the card.

    Julie xxxxxxx


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