Thursday 28 May 2020

The Thrifty Times Issue Nine

Well these posts are getting a little shorter I'm afraid as my spare time starts to lessen. For the first time I have been able to meet a friend....we took a drink each and sat in the churchyard up the road from her house socially distancing. It was a bit weird, but did feel like a tiny hopeful green shoot.

The garden is blooming away. Our orange pom pom buddleia is literally buzzing with life as it's smothered in all sorts of bees and other nectar loving insects. Mr GBT tells me that we now have kale seedlings and we have now sussed why the the two bird feeders have ended up on the ground again with their contents liberally scattered. The first time we thought it was due to high winds, but this time I caught a naughty crow [I love corvids, but they are a bit thuggish sometimes!] crashing into the feeding station sideways which sent it all flying. Two wooden pegs are now secured over the hanging hooks so that can't happen again!

Lots more wine making here...Mr GBT went a-wandering on a couple of evenings to pick some of the local elderflowers which are now nicely bubbling away in the demijohn and he's just bottled the contents of a couple of other ones. TYM has developed a taste for our home made wine and happily helps us to slurp though a bottle on a Friday night. The takings from his delivery job have increased steadily and now he's finished uni he's got more time to do it...he's promised to buy his aged parents a bottle of vino now he's more flush. Shall look forwards to that one then!

Still plugging away at cleaning the kitchen cupboards....have got a whole bag of dried chickpeas still in date which comes under the category "daft purchase". I don't have a pressure cooker so when you do the maths it's going to cost me more in fuel than buying the tins of them....enter stage left one very good veggie friend with a pressure cooker.....guess where they're being rehomed. Have also been the lucky recipient of another of my Mum's declutterings....really enjoyed wearing this new-to-me necklace over the weekend. She's also spoilt me by giving me a copy of Jack Monroe's "Tin Can Cook" book which I look forwards to dipping into and trying out some of her recipes over the coming weeks.

Much to my joy look what turned up this week from Superdrug.....

In the flesh it's actually the colour of a pink highlighter pen, but fear not I'm not walking around looking like a luminous nightmare from the 1980s. A little goes a very long way and I've found that the smallest blob when combed through gives a much darker shade close to the normal pink foils I have. The beauty of this is it just washes out and all for the princely sum of £3.99. It's going to last me ages at this rate. I've always fancied having a bit of green or blue in my hair, but not the hassle of getting it bleached first. Maybe I might go wild and invest in a pot of green later on down the line😆 If all fails there's always this option....perhaps not!!

For a final freebie....lots of films there. Can't comment on what's there as am just the messenger

Until next time!



  1. Wow! What a wonderful shade of pink!
    Crows are naughty beasts, the ones in India are so cheeky but I can understand why the Victorians loved them and kept them as pets.
    Love the necklace and I'm glad you managed to meet up with a friend! xxx

  2. My friend does purple each year for her cancer walk and team, the purple ladies. I'm not wild enough, butlove it!


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