Monday 2 June 2014

Monthly Review

Quick catch up.

For my veggie main meal I made this but with some tweaks. I mixed cheese and smoked paprika in with the breadcrumbs for all the layers. Next time I will use an even stronger cheddar and mix a bit of creme fraiche through. It was very tasty though so it will be a keeper.

Ronald Hutton...ahh yes Mr Hutton. I have been extremely flakey. No excuses except every time I went to pick his tome up I found myself doing a crossword, reading a magazine anything really so I gave up!

However, I have learnt a very valuable lesson. Do not agree to anything when you have had a sherbert or three. On the back of the inspirational Stephen Sutton I was blindsided by the small person [along with his father] into running a 5km fun run for charity. Now anyone who knows me will guffaw at this point as I am known for my lack of enthusiasm for such an activity. I am firmly with Joan Rivers on this:

"The first time I see a jogger smiling I'll consider it".

Having given my word though I am up for it and have bought some appropriate footwear [last time I had trainers they had a green stripe on them!] and suitable chest wrapping to keep my ironing board frontage in place. I wouldn't like to call it's more akin to slogging but I can run two miles without stopping. Thankfully I am already moderately fit with the house sparkling and dancing I do so it's not been too much of a shock to the system!


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