As ever my funny old brain has been roaming around freely and for some strange reason it has presented these two to be put together in a postlet. No I don't know why either but hey let's go with it!

I heard this on the radio the other day when I was driving the metal box with a wheel at each corner. I had forgotten about this track and just how much I miss the talent that was Ian Dury and "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" so for old times sake here he is doing what he did so well

And there are these sticks which have recently joined my ever increasingly eclectic range of possessions. I have a thing for twisted sticks and decorated staffs [it's a pagan cum morris thing I think!]. These were being discarded by the chap who made them due to an imminent house move so his friends rescued them and brought them to our morris dancing practice to see if they could have a new home. They have now joined my curious oorner of different sticks in my hall way!



  1. Lol Sarah! I have an umbrella stand in my hallway full of random sticks too!
    That probably doesnt surprise you though!
    Leanne x

    1. Now why doesn't that surprise me! Several of my chums seem to have a penchant for sticks...must be something in the water!


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