Sunday 15 June 2014

Blog Birthday

I am rather flabbergasted to realise that I've been talking at people for a whole year and yet I still have more to witter on about. Originally I set the blog up as a space for me to put all the things that catch my eye during the week but it's become more than that. I've rediscovered why I used to enjoy scribbling although I have to say the way my brain puts things together is a tad bizarre sometimes and it's been good for me to give myself the time to do that.

This bloglet acts partly as my diary and I rather like the fact that the only rules are my rules. It's all rather liberating but I would be lying if I wasn't also secretly flattered that people take time out of their days to read here aswell. For me blogs satiate my previous need for glossy magazines....they open up windows for me, give me new avenues to explore and allow me to be legitimately snouty!

Thank you dear chums! The choice of a ferret is completely random by the way. It's just a photo of ours that makes me smile.



  1. Your post sums up how I feel about my blog! Plus the added bonus that I've made lots of 'virtual' friends. Keep posting!

  2. Completely random? Our Aril? Surely not! lol

    Gnat Bottomed Towers (blog) is a total joy m'dear. A trip here never fails to inform or entertain me, often both. We have very similar hungers for knowledge of the odd and offbeat, those things often overlooked by the masses and I always look forward to a new post springing up, never knowing what I'll find.

    Happy Birthday GBT! I'll raise a glass of Crabbies later to this most momentous day. *ok, any excuse really* ;)

  3. Yay for blogging! It passes many a happy hour for me too. Happy Bloggyversary m'dear!


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