Tuesday 17 June 2014

Wild Orchids

We've be jaunting over the border in Surrey once again....this time I've been sticky beaking around the North Downs. I will be a bit more specific over the next couple of postlets but due to a shortage of time I'll start with the easiest one to write up. One of our main reasons for this most recent foray was to go wild flower hunting. It's a spot known to both of us from when we both used to be conservation volunteers for the National Trust [indeed that's how we met] and this was one of the sites that we worked at. We were so lucky to see some glorious examples but we are still going through the photos trying to identify them! However, how about these showstoppers for starters!

Firstly the Common Spotted Orchid- there are masses in this area.

The Fragrant Orchid

The Pyramidal orchid. These are a later orchid so are only just beginning to flower.

The Man Orchid. This is very rare and easy to miss being not very spectacular and green. However, the photo shows much more detail than I could see with the naked eye and now I understand how it got its name...look at the bits hanging down! Mr GBT informs me that the proper term might be lip.

And saving the best for last a Bee Orchid. I was so excited that I randomly stopped a poor couple that were walking by and minding their business to show it to them!


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