Tuesday 3 June 2014

Musos On Bikes

In the eighteen months since I joined Mythago [still the best thing I've ever done for myself] it's not only brought me into contact with the most fabulous set of people but I have experienced new events that I would never previously have encountered. Dancing at the Musos on Bikes on Saturday is a classic example.

To be perfectly honest you could write what I know about bikes on a pinhead and still have room for the Complete Works of Shakespeare! This gig is designed for bikers with a love of music to be able to come together hence why we were there as some of our side most definitely fit the bill. Now say bikers and I'm afraid that all the stereotypes spring to mind....facial hair, leathers and tatts. There was a lot of that granted but what lovely peeps....I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I always view a big group of bikers with some caution [not with any good founding I hasten to add]. As attendees, we were asked if we'd like to cast our vote for the best overall bike. Had this not been the case usually I wouldn't have given them a second glance. Cripes...they are works of art. I am a convert [not to riding them just admiring them I hasten to add] Hope the following shots demonstrate what I'm wittering on about!

 This one I gather is called a rat bike. I was particularly taken with the saddle!

 Chrome accessories and detailing

The overall winner was this Harley. The current owner has spent many months restoring it.


PS On a personal note it was my first outing with my new hat...I bought it from the States and pimped it up with the Steampunk goggles and the black ostrich feather. It's not essential to have a hat to be part of the side but a lot wear them between stands when we don't have our masks on.

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