Saturday 28 June 2014

Care for a Chair?

Chairs...I am surprised to find that I hold strident views on chairs...surely a chair is something just there for you to sit on...but apparently not in my little world here at GBT.

I have a set of miniature chairs that Mr GBT has made me for my dollshouse. Of these I am most fond.

A very functional office chair not worthy of a photo which was rescued from a skip when the office next door to where I used to work pre redundancy decided to have a refit and we were all offered first dibs. There are others around my home which are comfortable and then this little gem which I adore and remains in my living room. I have claimed it for myself as it's original owner is now sixteen and 5'10"!

We tend to think of the use of bright painted colours as a modern phenomen...erm no not if these examples from the Great Tower at  Dover castle are anything to go by. The interior has been recreated to show what the medieval interior looked like at the time of Henry II

These are my latest finds from Michelham Priory. The first one is a black oak chair dating from the 15th century. Look at those amazing carvings.

Finally a very unusual 16th century scissor chair which was designed to fold when travelling.



  1. The recreated 12th century painted chairs from the time of Henry II are interesting, in that some 500 years later, similar chairs were still being made in New England! Don a Google search for Pilgrim era chairs and you'll see several.

  2. Thank you for your comment- I shall have a look - having been to New England for my honeymoon it will be of great interest to me.


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